Juliet Lofaro Portrait Photographer

Love Notes

Feedback from clients.

 “I come from a whole family of non-photogenic people.  We all freeze up and hold our breath when a camera is aimed at us.  But Juliet was so engaging and so relaxed herself, that I found myself actually enjoying being photographed.  And when I look at her photographs of me, I feel like I am looking in the mirror (on a good day).  She really sees people and is able to capture what she sees in her work.  I highly recommend her”.  - Judith 

“We chose to work with Juliet for our wedding because after interviewing a number of photographers, we felt "at home" and very comfortable with Juliet. Her calm, laid back style put us at ease. Her ability to capture the perfect moments of our special day without missing a beat and without needing any guidance was exactly what we wanted in a photographer. Most of the time, I didn't even know she was there, and yet there wasn't one moment that she missed. This skill is imperative, in my opinion, for an event photographer. We didn't want our guests or ourselves to feel that the photographer was underfoot or needed to be directed to capture particular moments. Juliet possesses that rare gift of just quietly and unobtrusively capturing every important moment beautifully. She captured moments we didn't even know were special until we saw the end result! Juliet was the perfect choice for us, and we recommend her without hesitation every chance we get!” - Dave & Rebecca 

“And so much more - photographer to some - but what Juliet actually does is capture experience, memory - really, she archives life. In an era of digital precision and photoshopped perfection Juliet still captures LIFE as it is. Looking for someone to capture life, to capture memory, to capture humanity? Juliet can. Juliet Lofaro, photographic archivist of Love, Life and Laughter.” - Mabusha

“Being in public relations, I've had my photo professionally taken many times in my career. It can be a laborious and unenjoyable experience. With Juliet, it was fun and professional. She set an appropriate atmosphere with her calm, casual demeanor but was also very focused on the job at hand. I could not have been any happier with the resulting headshot photo, which I've used multiple times including as my professional social media image.”  - Paul

“Great portraits, of all the kids! What a character study. Love that you don’t make them do cheese smiles. Thank you!” A Woodstock Day School mom, 2018

 “A friend took this picture of our kids. Since whenever I try to take one they photobomb themselves and so y’all FB friends may never have seen what they look like really, and since I love this picture and can’t understand what prayer was used to get them to sit and smile and so it is a very rare image indeed, I want to share it because I am proud of them and so I’m showing them off to you.” - Josh