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It’s the job of the portrait photographer to identify which part of the subject’s psyche is most emotionally available and to connect to it - a photograph is the document of that connection. Some people, celebrities especially, carry their psyches on the outside; it’s their special magnetism and it makes them easy  to connect with photographically. Most of the rest of us, however, profit from working with a photographer who is especially adept at uncovering our own inherent magnetism. That’s Juliet Lofaro.


After graduating from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts with a BFA in photography, she dove into NY’s downtown art scene, shooting portraits and parties and even headshots for punk bands. Her working style developed in clubs and on film sets, where she developed a necessary efficiency for finding the moments where she could connect with her subjects.

Today, she’s traded Limelight for upstate and motherhood and where she continues to bring her expertise to portraiture, headshots for professional and personal use, family albums, and special occasions. The one constant is her enduring talent for making the connection that makes the shot.

Telephone: 917.751.6011

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Ace Hotel Women's Lounge, Los Angeles, California

Ace Hotel Women's Lounge, Los Angeles, California